Friday, April 13, 2012

Monterey Chicken, Spaghetti Cups, Wearing Rocks and Etsy

Here's a picture of that chicken I made the other day. I had it for lunch, still looks pretty delicious the next day and it was.

The spaghetti cups from last night. Doesn't look that great but it was pretty good and Scott was happy to take leftovers to work today. If you let the cups sit a bit longer they stay together better. It was really late by the time they were done last night so I didn't really care if they looked pretty at that point ;)

The other day in Target I noticed these. Gee I wonder why they are on clearance. Maybe because it's like wearing the big white rocks in my grandma's side yard on your finger?

I used to put those rocks in the seat holes in my big wheels. They made great noise when I went down the sloped driveway and did the e-brake around the corner.

I'm .8 pounds away from being half way to my first weight loss goal. I really need to go shopping for some smaller tops. I am going to pick up a few after payday next week! I'm pretty excited to NOT shop in the fat lady section of the store now. I'll be even more excited once I don't have to buy anything with an X on it.

I spent hours yesterday adding more stuff to my Etsy shop.

Saturday night I'm supposed to go out with a girlfriend for dinner and drinks. I'm pretty excited to get dressed up a bit and get out of the house to do something fun.
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