Monday, December 7, 2009

When Hell?? Freezes Over...

Hey so remember yesterday when I was saying how cool it would be if it snowed here? Well this morning I was sleeping and I heard the sound of the back door being pushed open and the dog escaping so I jumped up and called her but she ignored me and took off anyways. It was dark so I couldn't really see anything and I kept calling her and she didn't come so I was like "screw it!" and went and took a shower.

I got out of the shower and looked out the window to see if I could see her and guess what I saw????


I know all you midwesterners and northeasterners are like yeah yeah but it hardly EVER snows here. Like the last time I remember it snowing I was in jr high or something. And it lasted for like 2 minutes. This time it was like an hour! Of course I promptly woke up the kids with


(for some reason it will only load this picture side ways?? It's not sideways on my computer??)

They got dressed real quick and went outside to check it out. It was big flakes which was totally cool. I tried to get some pictures but it was too dark to really see anything.

Oh and the dog finally came back with snow all over her. haha.

It snowed up until right before the bus showed up for the little kids. I saw a few flakes on the way to work but it was mostly just rain by that point. A little while after I got to work it started snowing there!

So it was a very neat and fun Monday morning here!!
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Chris H said...

YOu need more snow so it really looks pretty!

Anonymous said...

that is too cool! I can't believe it has snowed everywhere it shouldn't and not here. We've had some flurries but nothing sticking yet. sometimes we have had major storms by now! It's snowing now but I'm not getting excited b/c it's turning to rain overnight. BOO!


Mary~Momathon said...

Cool! actually, cold, but that's just getting picky.

~Sheila~ said...

YAY for Snow. We hardly ever get snow here too. One year it snowed on Christmas eve right around the time it turned midnight for Christmas and we woke the kids up and let them play outside in it. It was awesome. Hope you enjoyed it!

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