Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Feels like Arkansas

I keep meaning to get over here and post something but I keep forgetting until AFTER I get off the computer. I finally made it over here!

So I've been sick. Thought I was getting better but have relapsed. I went to the Dr. yesterday and got a prescription cough syrup but I can only take it at night and it didn't really seem to work last night. :sigh:

Saturday was my nephew's birthday party. We went bowling. Scott's niece was there because she is dating my brother now. He's SO not happy about that. He thinks it's just weird and gross. The only thing that kind of weirds me out is if they ever have kids they will be double cousins with my kids. Guess it would be good if anyone ever needed a donor for something lol.

My brother might be coming to my MIL's house on Christmas Eve, which is kind of weird too. At least it will liven the place up a bit and get someone on MY TEAM haha. I'm just hoping it's better than last year.  I'm cooking a lasana so maybe my MIL won't be so wiped out.

Sometime between now and Thursday I need to get some energy to do some baking, wrap presents and clean the house up. Wish me luck.Pin It


Chris H said...

OK... good luck!
I have two cousins who married each other! Weird. But legal I'm told.

Jaime said...

I have a friend- whose sister is marrying her husband's brother (her brother-in-law) in just a couple weeks now...crazy stuff happens. It almost doesn't even make sense to write it. :-) Anyhow...Hope you feel better soon!!

~Sheila~ said...

Merry Christmas! I didnt get a chance to do much wrapping, some of the gifts are still in those white gift boxes that need to be wrapped..lol
Feel better soon!

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