Monday, December 14, 2009

Life Goes On

Friday after I came home and cried my eyes out than called my mom and cried some more, I got out the Christmas boxes. Nothing like keeping your mind busy to keep you from totally losing it.

When the kids got home from school (I stayed home from work that day), we put up the tree with minimal cursing, unlike last year , and then got busy putting on the ornaments. Jessica even helped a little bit. Each year she wants to do less and less when it comes to our traditional holiday things.  That's the sad part of her growing up!

While we were hanging up the ornaments, which by the way I got smart last year and left the hooks on them, much easier!,  I realized that Trevor has hardly any ornaments that are "his". When Jessica was little we went a bit overboard buying the Hallmark ornaments. There are A LOT that are "hers". Part of that spilled over into Melissa's years. When Trevor was born we were REALLY broke. He has I think 2 ornaments that are "his". Poor kid!!

I'm making an effort to pick up some for him while I'm out and about so that next year he'll have a few more to put on the tree that are all his. So far I've found a snowman with his name on it, he was pretty excited about that!

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Chris H said...

Awwww {{{HUGE HUG}}}... hope you feel better soon. Your tree looks lovely.

Susie said...

Your tree looks pretty! My oldest 2 don't hardly help at all any more...when the younger two don't care we may not have a tree! LOL I've always bought each kid an ornament each year, and I write their name and year on the bottom of it. Plus I get one with the year and all 4 of their names on it. Not this year...oh well! I'm running out of room on my tree any ways!

~Sheila~ said...

Dom has been a major help with helping me decorate for the holidays. He's the one who has actually been doing all the

Get that poor baby some ornaments of his

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