Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Julie's World Tuesday Edition

Just got back from going over to my mother in law's house for her physical therapy with the new person. The new person is a young girl who is much more patient. Much better! MIL was all for it today. Like 360 from last week when she was like eh not doing it.

After leaving there I went by the post office (dropped mail in the boxes, love that you don't have to get out of the car) and then dropped off masks to a couple houses. Went through the drive thru at Jack In The Box and then ate most of my burger in about 1/2 the time it took to do that. Man that line took forever.

While I was driving through town I kept thinking of all of the businesses that are probably going to go under  because they are closed. All the poor people that have put everything into their business and what are they using for money? Hopefully they had some savings. I feel so sad for them.

The weather is so weird here today. A couple days ago it was 90 something and we had the AC on and today it's cold enough for a sweatshirt, windy and overcast.

My new neighbor is outside (I'm assuming she's outside) in her back yard singing loudly in her shouty voice. Apparently she's on a lot of medications but she just seems like a crack head. Every time she is outside she's yelling to her dogs. I'm like maybe just leave your dogs in the house or fence in your front yard? IDK she drives me crazy. I'm hoping they decide they hate it here and move soon. Wishful thinking I'm sure.

Ok back to work. The work computer finally got all the stuff loaded so it will function properly. I think I'll just take some leave for my hours missed today, I don't feel like working later.Pin It


Chris H said...

You mentioned in a comment on my blog about our lockdown not being that long. We went into FULL lockdown on March 26th... and now we are almost back to having most freedoms restored (tomorrow). When did you guys go into FULL lockdown? I thought the USA was way behind us in that respect? Lots of businesses have gone bankrupt, closed and so on here already, and there will be plenty more before this is over. Our country has been crippled by the FULL lockdown. It's so sad.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I would prefer to lose my business and I just may, than lose my life!
Lives over money any day of the week.
So I am okay with this to a point. You said, "All the poor people that have put everything into their business and what are they using for money? Hopefully, they had some savings. I feel so sad for them."

My savings is dwindling and retirement looks like it's never going to happen. The president promised things that were not real. No full SBA monies for free. they will give you money if you can prove some things and then you must pay it back. If I am hurting and need the money and you give me 20K and I have to pay it back while no money is coming in that doesn't help me. There is no unemployment for the self-employed. So there is no money for anyone but the rich big companies who took it all. That is the truth of the matter that no one tells you until you get knee-deep into this garbage. If he would just tell the truth just once it would help us all. We would have facts and know when things will open, give us the science and the why. His insanity doesn't help the matter one single bit. And we too have been in FULL Lockdown since Monday, March 23rd. I am in full mode to know this may go until late June or July.

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