Monday, June 1, 2020

The World Has Gone Mad

Hello! Long time no chat!

I have been super busy between work, sewing masks and helping out with my mother in law. I just had to come over and say HOLY COW the world has gone crazy.  I'll leave it at that but wow! I hope Scott can make it home without someone attacking him on the freeway. Makes me rethink that concealed carry a bit more.

Rumor has it that the other two girls that share my job at work are going to get laid off which means more work for me. YEAH but boooo if I have to go into the office every day. I've been enjoying my no commute and not having to listen to coworkers talk all day haha. My boss did say some thing about possibly having all the employees take turns going into the office so we'd just have to work every 9th work day (in the office). That would be great. Although I think we are moving towards everything opening up soon.

We'll see how many new cases of Rona we have after all these protests/riots/looting around here though. If they don't go up maybe that means we are good here? IDK crazy times.

I am up to having sewed 569 masks. Orders have finally slowed down so I started to just sew up all the fabric I had cut out. I put up what I had available on Facebook last night and sold about 20 of them already. Woohoo I'll be glad to not be sewing masks soon (every once in awhile will be ok lol). I still have a stack sew though.

Have to go to my mother in laws in half an hour for her video doctor appointment. Her doctor's office is ridiculous and hardly ever answers the GD phone. Like if you are going to not be around certain hours of the day maybe have those hours in your recording. Or just quit your job and we'll go somewhere else.

I had to take her for an x ray on Friday. She has been doing physical therapy and of course one of the days I don't go because I'm slammed at work something happens. Apparently something popped and when she did a stretch exercise and then she was in a lot of pain for A WEEK. I took her in and there was nothing really bad in her hips since they let her go home. The X ray gal said that she has a lot of arthritis in her hips so hard to see. I'm assuming if anything new (which you can break that word up for this sentence) that the Dr will be able to tell us if they saw anything else.

Ok that's all the excitement for now, have a good day and stay safe everyone!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I do hope you get to work from home. I don't get why everyone hates it.
I work longer hours but I do prefer it to office politics, the person next to you coughing (tee hee) or any of that drama. The only person here is me. The only other living thing is my dog. If I didn't have to speak to icky customers it would be perfection! :-)
Glad you are well.

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