Friday, June 26, 2020

Motivational Wrappers

Woohoo we made it to Friday!

I don't have a whole lot to talk about since yesterday. Mother in law got discharged from the visiting nurse (they only get so many visits) . So I'm done running over there for those visits for now.

This morning I realized I have no milk or creamer so I am going to attempt another Instacart order, lets all pray they can find my house this time.

I did a lot of sewing last night, I decided to just assembly line all the stuff I needed to do and then decided I'd just do all the stuff I had cut out since I had already prepped it all. So I only got 2 orders completed while I worked with the "white thread" group lol.

This group is almost done, just need to add the elastic and tack it down

Yesterday when I was sewing I was cracking up at the neighbor. He has this tiny little Yorkie he walks down the street. Next thing I know he's walking back (with no shoes on) holding the leash and no dog. Then he gets in the car and goes by but the Yorkie met him in front of my yard and hopped in the car. Dogs always have to pull things when you don't have your shoes on haha.

I noticed this for the first time last night. WTF Always? How about putting things like "it's ok, eat the chocolate" and "this too shall pass" or Aunt Flo is a Bitch. Keep Playing, how about you keep playing.

Did anyone else platform go back to the old blogger? I just noticed mine is.

Here is today's stats for my county. 136 new cases since yesterday. Thankfully my brother and nephew's tests came back negative.

Well here's to a productive weekend. I'm closing in on 800 masks!

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