Saturday, June 20, 2020

Sweet Saturday

My sister in law asked me if I could make masks for her and her daughter, but out of chiffon. I thought maybe she was joking but she wasn't.

Friday while working I answered about 10 questions before noon that people could have figured out on their own if they would have just searched their email for my previous answer.

Also the dumb girl in the other department told me to PLEASE make sure I don't transpose numbers. Sheesh sorry. Maybe I should call her out on all her mistakes..

So Thursday California made it required to wear masks so now I have a ton of mask orders. I've been chipping away at them one order at a time, that makes my brain less stressed than trying to do them all at once. Feels more productive!

I don't know WTF I'm doing with this new layout stuff. Why can't I get the pictures back to the center? Now I have lines here and there. Oh well I give up.

This fabric is really cool if you like skulls                                 

more for my friend Carol and her office friends. I think I've sold them like 300 masks

These are for a local Instagram follower who I have met in person before (I think!)

And here are my 10 for the day that became a couple more since I had a ton of the pastel flowers and it didn't want to wind up straight (probably use that for masks soon since it's so pretty). The mod flowers someone made into a table cloth (I think) and it is pieced a bit. Another fun one for making a boho bag or something. I know I got that one at the thrift store.

These two get so excited with bugs. I had to close the window twice since they get too excited and started climbing the (new) screen.

Earlier in the day. She cracks me up, think she is comfortable? Also really need to take those chairs and crap off the front porch.

The new update, 71 new cases from yesterday

Scott's sister called super early this morning and woke everyone up all worried about Scott paying his mom's bills. I swear they get so worked up over it. I told him to bring them home and I'll set them all up for auto pay. Ridiculous how much excitement goes into paying the same bills every month. Life doesn't have to be so difficult!

On that note I am trying to pay off my credit cards. So far I got paid off the card I used to buy 3 mattresses (king size mattresses are soooo expensive), Care Credit (dentist and animals), an Amazon Credit Card I opened to save $70 and than had linked to Amazon (bad bad bad). I just transferred 2 cards over to one with no interest for awhile. So now I'm going to tackle a bigger one. It would be so nice to not have a bunch of credit card bills for stuff I don't even remember what I bought on them. 

I downloaded the Credit Karma app and look at it every day. I'm becoming obsessed lol. I'm pretty close to having excellent credit and would like to get it to the green zone haha. Yes I'm weird and working from home with minimal contact with people all day. 
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