Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Perfect Sized

Good morning happy Tuesday! It is warm outside already. I opened the windows for the kitties but it makes this room hot in the morning.  Had my older two enjoying the sunshine for a minute.

Yesterday I had 0 mask orders (but sold a lot of the ones I made up) so I worked on cleaning up my fabric some more. I went through over 100 of the boards so now I have to wait until some more get here in a couple days.  I'm down to one shelf on the big book case to put them but will have to move my scrapbook albums first. I think I am going to put all the paper stuff in the closet area so I can move those but it will take some rearranging since that is a mess too.

I have 1 mask order to make up today. Trying to decide if I should just work on sewing up some more or just work on other things. I think I might do a bunch of black fabric ones.

I also cleaned my box fan (so so gross) and vacuumed my sewing room. What are the chances of getting the perfect sized button stuck in the vacuum? 100% for me. Took me forever to get it unstuck.

Nothing else exciting going on here so far today which is just fine by me. I'll take a quite day any day!Pin It

1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You were productive. I did nothing but work yesterday then dinner and dishes. I was a lazy girl.
It's so friggin' hot I am already sick of it. Can't go to a pool, can't go to the lake, so I'm just miserable. And you wanted me to whine on your blog didn't you?

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