Monday, June 8, 2020

27th Wedding Anniversary

Saturday was our 27th Anniversary. I'm pretty sure we still married because we are both stubborn haha. Plus we have been together so long I can't imagine not being together.

We drove to Monterey, had lunch,  walked through an antique store, drove along the bay, stopped a couple times and looked at the tide pools and drove home. Kind of a whirlwind but it was SO WINDY it was pretty miserable to be out of the car or out of a store.

I'm still a leery of walking around with a lot of other people too. The numbers are still not going down here even though things are opening up. In Monterey they had signs all over that you had to wear a mask to go in the stores. While we were eating lunch next to a window I saw a little kid wearing a mask IN his mouth chewing on it. So I think we can assume that not all masks are being worn correctly ;)

At the big antique store I got a big bag of buttons (still need to wash them and sort them out) and a bag of metal bobbins. I think my sewing machine came with plastic bobbins (it's been so long I can't remember for sure) but I like using the metal ones because they do not stretch out and break. My machine seems to like them too. I got lucky and the ones I bought fit.

After we got home I sewed for a couple hours. Sunday I spent most of the day sewing too! I have now made 638 masks. When I catch up on orders I just work on some that I have cut out and have been offering them for sale to friends and neighbors. I have a bag of ready made ones. It's funny that some days a bunch of people will buy them. After wearing one for several hours on Saturday I think you would need multiple masks to wear for a full day. They get all moist and gross. 

They say when we go back to work we will have to wear them unless we are in our cube. Apparently the other agency in the office is NOT required to wear them so not sure how that works. Hoping to stay home as much as possible but I will have to go in probably once a week for the next couple weeks.

I've spent most of the day today trying to get this work program to work. It takes forever to load between each step here at home most of the time and then it will do an error. BLAH! So frustrating but I guess I am still getting paid by the hour ;)

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Masks aren't mandatory? Our governor made them mandatory and I kind of like that. So you don't see any without. And the poor bastard not wearing one gets such shame it's funny. They won't even let you in the grocery store without one or they will give you one or go home. All grocery stores only have 1 door to go in and out so there is a person there who checks everyone, cleans the carts down when returned etc.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Happy Anniversary!!! 27 years is no joke! I understand too stubborn to leave. I told Rick he's not going anywhere because I trained him right where I want him. ...tee hee that is just awful to say but it's true. No one is getting all my hard work damn it! :-)

Julie H said...

@lol about training him, I know what you mean!! Masks are not mandatory in my county or cities next to us. People think the virus is all a joke and doesn't really exist or something. Meanwhile the numbers just keep going up.

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