Monday, June 15, 2020

What's Happening Now

Remember when my weekends were full of obligations, craft shows and parties? Man the days sure are different now.

Pretty much just sewed all weekend, although I did mop the kitchen floor too. I need to make myself a chore chart so I stop just hiding in my little room here and the rest of the house goes to shit. I remember when I used to do Fly Lady, man my house was super clean back then. I think I was laid off or not working  yet at the time. I wonder if they still have that. It was on a yahoo group back in the day. I always do better on things when I'm on some kind of program.

Saturday I finished up all the little tooth fairy pillows I made. My friend had asked me to make one for her granddaughter so I went ahead and made up a dozen. I always think they are so cute with their little faces and bows.  I sold a few on Facebook. I think I will put the rest on Etsy.

I finally got some poster board to use as backdrops for my pictures again. I used to use foam board but it got all dented up and who wants to actually go in a store? My daughter is always out and about so I asked her to get me some.

Next up? I hemmed and hawed a bit about what to work on next and decided just to go back to sewing up the fabric I had prepped for masks. I sold most of the pre-made ones I had over the weekend so it doesn't hurt to keep adding to the pile. I had put some on Etsy before but I had to keep editing my listing for the ones I sold to the neighbors and such so I finally just took it down. If anyone wants one just send me a message and I can either send you an invoice through Paypal (preferred) or make an Etsy listing for you.

I went through and made up all the "pinks" this is what I have available as of this morning

Now I'm working on solids and dark thread ones, always faster to work when you don't have to keep changing the thread out. I did get an order for 2 more grape masks so I will work those in too.

Did I tell you guys that they are laying off the two girls at work who share my position? The plan is that everyone is going to take turns going into the office to be the office person. We'll see how that goes. I signed up for every other Wednesday in July. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be getting a lot of phone calls from people needing help. We'll see how it goes. Now I will also be doing all the admin stuff in the office myself so I will be more busy. They are taking away me ordering supplies for half of the area offices which I am super happy about because it's a big pain in the ass. Especially with this ordering COVID stuff. Do not ever order anything off of Amazon that you need to reconcile in a month. Holy shit what a mess.

So far today is a what am I actually supposed to be working on day. It's like the slow day before the panic day hits.  Going to enjoy it lol.

In other news the "shitter is full" and we have to have the septic pumped out again. I asked Scott to call the guy back since it's his job to open the lid and supervise that whole disgusting process.  We really need to get our leach lines redone but the last guy I had come out ghosted us so now we have to get someone else. Hopefully we can just pump it out and it will be good for a bit again. Right now it's working but if you take a shower the water takes forever to go down and then the toilet makes fun gurgling noises. The joy of country life!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

So will you still be full time? i think I'm confused. Old and confused. :-)

I love those tooth fairy bags you make. I don't know anyone with little ones but if I do I am going to mention these to them.

Yes ordering from Amazon is crazy. Most of these companies are out of the country and it takes for ever. I note that each time I order something - where is it coming from, Amazon or some other joker? How will that effect us in turn around and billing? Oh I get what you are saying.

I had to deal with a septic tank when we had our lake house. I remember telling Rick never again. He doesn't agree but it was a major head ache to me. And you don't get a yellow light or a beep telling you it's going to go - it just does.

what is Fly Lady?

Suburban Correspondent said...

Flylady is on Facebook! My house, too, was simply marvelous when I first found her. Now, she just keeps me from sinking into utter chaos. I wipe down my bathrooms and I have one "shiny sink" in each room. Good enough when you have 6 grown people in the house...

Julie H said...

@Peg, still full time. Just doing my job all by myself again (mostly at home) the other 2 girls were covering the office so all the employees are going to trade off doing that (to answer phone/get the mail/scan stuff for people working at home)

Flylady used to be on Yahoo groups and it would send you emails like go clean a flat surface for 10 minutes and it's Monday so we are going to do ___chore. Just like a little house organizing/cleaning helper.

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