Thursday, June 25, 2020

Working All Day Is Hard

Happy Thursday! We're almost there!

So when I left off I was going to go down to the office to find out what I need to do for the septic.

  1. Get the woman who has the lot next to mine change to another lot (the lot just goes with her membership to the Club since she doesn't have a house out here)
  2. Write a letter to the board requesting 1/3 of the lot next to mine and hope it gets approved
  3. Get the plan back from the septic guy to put with my "building permit" for the Club (he will take care of county permits)
  4. Once 1-3 happens hopefully it will be approved and then we can get it going
  5. I'm a little excited about having 1/3 more lot that I can fence in after we get this done since it will give me more room in the back yard to put up another shed (and of course just more yard!)

Hopefully all that will be happening by next month. The next board meeting is the 3rd Saturday in July so it isn't going to happen very quickly.

I went to work for the full day yesterday. Unfortunately so did the gal in the other department that I don't care for. She spent all day huffing and puffing with all the stuff she couldn't figure out or did wrong or wouldn't work. God she's annoying. I need to remember some headphones the next time I go in. I was pretty busy all day so that was nice. I need to go in for a big next week to work on packets again since I never got to that yesterday.

This is me with real pants on yesterday
I'm just going to rename this road "Garbage Road". This is what happens in areas where we don't have "bulk pick up" like they do back East.

My morning faucet drinkers

After work I went to the bank, which was closed. I don't understand why banks have to close early because of Covid. I mean, yes, limit the people inside by why do you have to close at 4pm? Makes no sense to me.

Then I decided to brave the thrift store. There were no uncut sewing patterns but there was a bunch of holiday soft doll and a few quilt patterns. I got this big pile for $5 and the little fabric pack goes with the pattern on top. The fabric has a $30 price sticker on it! Crazy someone paid that much and then didn't even use it. Just happy to have some new stock for my Etsy store, I haven't listed anything new on there in forever.

Check out this lamp! I didn't have to imagine how much dust that lamp shade would hold because I could see it.

After I got home I laid down for a little bit and took a nap. I had WAY too much lunch and today I'm still not quite right from it. Maybe some day I'll learn. I swear it expanded like 5x after I ate it. 

I think I maybe slept a half hour when it because apparent that was all I was going to get. I spent some time working on my fabric organization some more. I have all but one shelf in the big bookcase with fabric on it now. I emptied a small box of fabric and filled it with some paper stuff for my 3rd Etsy shop that I need to list some day when I get in the mood. Lots of stickers and stuff that I tried on Ebay but they aren't selling much. I think they will do better on Etsy.

Finally I made Melissa two more masks for work

Then I stayed up til after midnight getting the rest of my orders cut out. I need to cut 2 more for my sister law who was forced to buy a mask to go into a store the other day. I was wondering when she'd need one.

Here is my COUNTY Covid cases. They are exploding.  I fear that death toll is going to go up quite a bit in the next couple weeks.

 And here is my Rusty dog wanting to go out for the THIRD time before noon today.  He sure is getting gray.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You didn't buy that lamp did you?
If you are permitted to wear your headphones at work I sure would do it so you don't have to listen to that annoying woman.
That garbage is wild. Does it never get picked up? Just pollutes the side of the road?That is awful.
I feel like that meme looking in the mirror. It wasn't worth it!

Julie H said...

@Peg someone gets rid of it, sadly I think it is usually the farmers

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