Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Plugging Along

Happy Wednesday. I just realized I have Friday off. Maybe I'll take tomorrow off and make it a long weekend. But then again I can just be logged into work and do a few things and save my vacation time for SOMEDAY when we can all go somewhere.

This comic cracked me up. 

Yesterday I worked on cutting 2 masks out of all the black prints I had that weren't character (except 2 Star Wars since I had an order for 1).  So I'm about 1/3 of the way done with 40 black print masks. Made a little dent in my fabric stash too since some of them that was all I had of the prints. I think if they continue to sell I will do this with some of the other colors too. 

I have some more boards coming today so I can continue working on organizing my fabric. 

Left to do:
 2 dresser drawers,
  big box of blues, 
big box of reds, 
big box of greens,
big box of whites,
big box of yellow,
and then a small box of misc prints to do.

So quite a bit still but it does seem like I got a lot done lol

Someone posted this picture and I love the corner piece. I asked where she got it but she hasn't answered yet. Probably IKEA. 

If I keep making masks I won't need that many book cases, but I could also put all my other craft stuff on them too. I have a bit of paper craft stuff still that I'm not giving up on yet!

Then I have the whole work from home thing, I will still need to have a set up for that if we continue, which it looks like we will. Kind of thinking I could try and set up a desk on the short wall to make a continuing desk type look. I'll figure it out eventually! I just want to be big tote box free!

Still haven't got a new stove/oven. I am out of meat to cook so I need to either go to the store or order Instacart. I don't really like ordering meat through there since you have to estimate the pounds on stuff. One time I got a pack of chicken that said $20 on it! Something I'd usually pay half that price for. So I might drag myself to the store to get some meat and a few other things. The driver I had for Instacart made it without needing any additional directions last time. I told him congratulations, you're the first to get here without getting lost. Someone who could actually follow directions, amazing. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I am unfamiliar with instacart.
I loved that rack of organization for fabric.
I'd like it in my clothes closet.
I LOVED that meme. That is my dog. :-) (the little one that is)

Julie H said...

@Peg, Instacart is the best (if your house is easy to get to) it's an app or you can do it on the computer to order your groceries and they deliver them.

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