Friday, July 31, 2020

Cake For Breakfast

Woohoo you know what day it is I hope?

Along with being Friday it's time card day at work. I haven't taken any time off in forever and next pay period I will have almost 80 hours of vacation time available. That's a first for me. By the time the pandemic is over I'll probably have 1000, although you can't really have 1000. After like 240 you go into use or lose status which means like a forced vacation or you are just giving it up. Yeah I'm not going to be one of those.

Yesterday Trevor and I went for a ride to Panda Express for lunch, we have one that has a drive thru in Manteca. It's 12 miles to anything from our house so it was like a little field trip haha. Yes I hardly ever leave the house anymore.

I went to my friend Cassi's house for dinner last night. We had spaghetti and garlic bread yum! I brought a cinnamon roll cake, which I may or may not be having a piece for breakfast..

My animals were off the hook this morning. I have a large bag of yarn my friend gave me and I am going to try and sell some but Tina keeps stealing it. By the time the bags I ordered get here or my kid brings back one of my empty plastic totes I might have to keep it all.

Awww Buster jumped in the box and is now taking a nap. He's so old now he just sleeps almost all the time.

I asked my brother to order some more nose pieces for my masks. I started off with 1000 and this is what I have left. Hopefully he can get them for me or I'll be taking another mask break!

I didn't sew at all yesterday, just worked on cleaning stuff up a little bit and then of course I was busy later in the evening.

Hopefully Scott works on the new windows this weekend! 

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Chris H said...

For someone who was never going to make a mask.... ha ha ha! I am considering trying a few... maybe. Maybe not. We don't have to wear them. But ya never know what could happen. Buster... awww.

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