Friday, July 24, 2020

Pandemic Blues

We finally made it! Woohoo

Looking forward to not having to log into the work computer for the weekend. Although I don't really have much to work on today. Just waiting for all the contracts to be ready to be signed and then I'll be busy again. It's like the lame duck period for applications, too late for this year, too early for next.

I was totally lazy yesterday and didn't do anything but work, lay around, make dinner and wash dishes. I even took my temperature at one point to make sure I wasn't running a fever but I was fine. Just super tired and crampy.

I was cracking up at Lucy yesterday. She doesn't really like the other cats and she was totally defending her spot in the sunbeam yesterday morning. She's like a sea lion laying around on the pier. She's actually a small cat, just really round in the middle. After she got fixed she just blew up. I feel ya girl.

Not much else exciting around here. A bunch of people want masks and I'm like yeah I'll work on that for you...later... Probably do that this weekend. Finally got some black and dark blue fabrics for guys. I'm about out of any kind of men prints so that's the fall back that I can get here and there without spending a fortune. People are doing highway robbery on selling cute prints online. Supply and demand I guess. No way I'm paying $30 a yard for some sports team fabric. 

I'm waiting for them to decide to just close down our whole area all the way again. The numbers are exploding and still people think its all made up and going to go away "November 4th". Stupid. Now you can get your hair cut "outside" which sounds so stupid. Yes lets let your hair fly away down the street after it is cut off.

I should really go stock up on groceries (I know I keep saying that).

I asked Trevor yesterday if he'd like to do some work for money. I was thinking I could have him get the living room ready for some paint. Figured that might get a fire under Scott's ass to do something too. I'd like to get the windows changed out and paint and then we can get some new furniture so when all my kids are here there is somewhere for everyone to sit and hang out. The whole living room is thrashed from the guys treating it like a dorm room.

Well that's all I've got for today! I hope everyone has a fun & safe weekend!

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