Monday, July 6, 2020

4th of July Mellow Style

Hello happy Monday! Is there is such a thing? haha

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing 4th of July. I'm really loving not having to go anywhere (for the most part) or host or work on parties. Don't tell my mom though, she's super sad that we aren't getting together for all our usual holiday gatherings. I was thinking the other day how this sure was a weird way of getting out of working on all the club parties. I don't even have to feel guilty!

We did end up having a little bbq with the kids and Jessica's boyfriend's siblings and parents (they are pretty much all our circle at this point). The only picture I took was of my food ha.

The rest of the weekend I just did some mask sewing and I slept in a lot. I think my body's nature times are like 9-midnight lol. Too bad I have to get up earlier during the week for work.

Wednesday I have to go into the office to work all day for my "turn". Trying to put off anything I need from town for that day. I have some stuff to donate too but wondering if they will even accept any donations. I should call and find out first before I make some more bags up. I really need to clean out my closet I have so much stuff that is too small. I should just box that stuff up though since I usually lose weight after I get rid of all my clothes (or gain it haha)

I keep telling myself I should just go back on my diet since there are hardly any things to mess with me other than in my own house right now. Just DO IT Julie!

I still need to order a stove/oven. I should do that today. I almost did it the other day and then it said do you need a cord? I was like do we need a cord? And that's where it didn't get finished. Last night I had chips and corn on the cob for dinner since the only way to cook the chicken I had was on the stove. I thought Scott was going to do it but he didn't and at some point you just give up. I think I will throw it in the crock pot today. We let the kids borrow our propane tank so we can't even BBQ unless we go take it back.

I'm working on making some kids masks since I was down to two. I think once I finish those I will put whatever I have left up on Etsy and call it good unless people start asking for them again. It seems to have finally settled down a bit again.

I think I might make a little baby project for the grandbaby. That will be fun :)

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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie, you may wish to send one to the White House ...tee hee
If you get the gumption to go back to the diet let me know how because I am struggling!!

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