Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Hump Day Not That It Matters

Hey it's Wednesday! Not like there is anything exciting to look forward to this weekend lol. Same old same old just won't have to log into the work computer.

I have almost nothing to work on for work today. Still waiting for someone to push some buttons and tell us the next applications that are selected. Then I will be busy again.

I almost finished sewing up all the little scraps I had. Probably have enough for one or two more blocks but I was starting to feel crossed eyed working on them last night so had to quit. I think I'll just keep collecting a bunch of sewn squares (I have a bit tote of scraps still lol) and then sew them all together for a quilt. Seems like that would be fun. Well, my kind of fun haha

I'm out of food again so I guess I'll do an Instacart order. Trying to be good and not eat junk but we don't have much to eat right now, good or junk haha.

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