Monday, August 3, 2020

Living Room Remodeling and Scrappy Quilt Squares

Well we had a productive weekend here!

Friday I cleaned the fridge since it was pretty much empty. Yes that really is all the food that was in there.

So here is our before picture for the living room windows (just noticed that picture on the TV)

This is how it is now! Scott got a lot done this weekend. Now he's decided that we should take the sheetrock off those 2 walls (I've been saying that all along) because there is for sure no insulation in them.  He needs to fix some wiring while he's at it (like hard wire the AC in, move the internet line and cable line). He keeps talking about moving the air conditioner but I'm like I think it's good where it is. All I know is I scraped off that damn border off those walls for nothing LMAO.

We went to Home Depot on Saturday and got trim for around the windows for inside and out but that was before he decided that the sheetrock should come down so maybe he'll just get it put up on the outside windows.

So that is what Scott did all weekend. I of course did some sewing!

I sewed up 5 masks, 4 for an order but it was the sunflower fabric I used in another post so they all look the same. Then I fixed one mask for a friend.

Did a little work for my secret project that just needs 2 more steps done now (waiting on someone else for that)

I had been looking for some ideas for doing some scrap quilting and decided I liked this idea since it was simple and free haha

So I made up a bunch with blue fabrics (after cutting all my scraps I had in a pile into the correct size pieces, that was dumb and a waste of time really) and then decided that I didn't like the big piece of color in the middle so cut it in half on the diagonal and mixed them up.

I got 2 bigger blocks finished, I kind of like them (you fancy quilters don't look at my seams lining up too closely!)

I made up enough to make 2 more blue blocks but then one of the smaller squares doesn't quite match so I need to make up one more and then sew them together. Debating on doing my other colors or just making a bunch of blue ones. I'm kind of leaning towards just doing blues now. 

Well my boss worked over the weekend so I have like 20 emails of stuff to do today. I guess I should get to it. I've already had to close the window in here since the neighbor is using a jack hammer. I guess he wanted to get done before it got too hot. 

Here is my Tubby in a tub being carried around the house, she's so cute :)

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

OMG you did a lot this weekend. I just sweat.
I didn't get much done and now you are making me feel grossly lazy.

Chris H said...

I love the blue blocks! You have heaps to do in the lounge? Keep the photos coming, I love seeing renovations.

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