Thursday, August 6, 2020

Just another boring day

 Hello Happy Thursday! Hopefully it will become happy. I went to bed depressed and woke up the same way. Currently listening to the neighbor sing badly and a lawn mower. Might be time to close the window already.

So I took my secret project to the place for the magical things to be done but I just had to leave it there and will get called when it is ready. Bummer, I thought it was going to be done while I was there. Oh well.

Yesterday I finished up one more patchwork square

Here are all the yellow ones I have done. I want to do one more with yellows. I played around with them a bit and they will mix in with the blue squares if I mix them all around.  IDK if that's what I'm doing with them or not still though lol.

Back to making masks since the orders are piling up. Here's the first order. I only bought a 1/2 yd of that sunflower fabric and have requests for more than that already. It's so cute, I might have to try and get some more.

Today's plan? Probably finish off that bottle of wine I started last night. I keep telling myself my job for the day is to get the kitchen table cleaned off and I want to take out the leaf since hardly anyone sits there and it is a catch all. 

Oh Lord that woman is singing louder than the lawn mower.
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