Tuesday, April 4, 2023


Hello! It is no longer Tuesday morning because I got side tracked DOING MY TAXES today. TG that is done. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Only have to mail off a grand.4 to Uncle Sam. ONLY. I couldn't claim Trevor either because he made too much money working last year.  He hasn't worked much at all this year but hopefully that changes soon. SOON. haha

This was the only picture I had from yesterday worth sharing. I posted these patterns on the FB group, sold 3 I think. I was working on putting them on eBay but didn't finish. I sold 4 more lots of thread but someone hasn't paid for 2 of them yet. I think I might try some 5 spool lots next and see how that goes. 

My (bio) dad called me today to tell me he is in the hospital. He had a heart attack yesterday (it sounds like) and is waiting on space at a heart specialty hospital for bypass surgery. Sounds like it would probably happen tomorrow. I'm sure he will do great, he eats pretty well and is pretty active so he should bounce back just fine. One more thing to click on the hereditary checklist. The good hospital is in Little Rock which just got hit with that tornado so hopefully another one won't come through while he's there. That would be scary. 

I have my job interview tomorrow at 2 so I will have to get myself nice-d up for my video look. At least from the waist up haha. I'm a little nervous but I'm sure it will be fine. My new thing is worse thing is I get the job and I hate it more than the one I have now lol. That would suck. At least I'd make more money while hating it.

Today for work I put 3 dates in a spreadsheet, uploaded a form to a website and listened to a staff meeting that didn't have anything to do with me in it. Busy day! So glad I have such great skills going to waste haha. 

I brushed up for my interview for tomorrow by looking at an old training I did awhile back about this agency so I can remember what exactly they do. Basically the government backs up private insurance for crops (it looks like). I'm sure I'll know more of what the job actually does tomorrow.

That's a lot of excitement for today. I'm so glad I got the taxes done so I don't have to think about them anymore other than mailing off my check on tax day. 

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Chris H said...

I hope the interview goes well... more money is always good! Though hating your job can be tedious. I did 5 years in a job I hated, every single moment of it. Soul destroying shit.

Julie H said...

@Chris, thanks! My job I loved was changed to this boring job I have now. I shouldn't complain since I hardly have any work to do but it's so boring.

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