Friday, March 31, 2023


Good morning happy Friday! Still off work today so booyyaaaa it's a great day. Hopefully haha.

It's the last day of March already. Time flies I tell ya. Unless I'm bored at work then it's long lol.

Yesterday I hit some thrift stores and scored big on some sewing supplies.  Here is my next flipping adventure lol. I need to go get some sandwich bags so I can sort them by color then I think I will put lots of them up on the FB group and then eBay. Fun fun. 

A few people went through my FB group post yesterday and claimed almost everything I had posted so if they all actually pay that is fantastic. I think I have 4 things left. 

I hit the grocery store that was next to the last thrift store I went to since I was running out of time and of course they did not have dog food so that is first on the list of things to do today. 

maybe get change for my booth at the bank (need to check what I have),
 pull out my stuff for my booth out of the shed, go through my stuff to take to the craft show and figure out how to get it all in the car. 

Just a few things.

I barely made it back in time for darts last night. I had to go in and play the first game then run home and throw the groceries in the house (Trevor put them away) and then back to the game. I made it back before it was even the next game I was in so go me haha. 

My stomach was bothering me a bit after darts was over so I just came home instead of hanging out.

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Chris H said...

You are lucky you can 'flip' stuff. We don't have the population here to do that successfully. You are doing well with it.

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