Wednesday, March 8, 2023


Good morning happy Wednesday!

Yesterday I finished this green scrappy bag

the other side

and this cute blue patchwork bag. This was actual fabric. I got this fabric recently so WTG me on making something with it right away haha. I think I got it at the thrift store.

I am almost ready to start sewing this stack of zip bags. I got them all cut out and matched up with linings and fabrics for the ones that need some piecing. Now to cut some batting and pick out some zippers. 

This is our disgusting weather forecast. They are already starting to talk about the river again. I'm really worried about all that snow in the mountains melting and ending up in my house. 

I was maybe going to do a booth on Saturday but that is out. Hopefully it is done raining by April 1st when my next one is scheduled. 

I found fabric auctions on What Not last night. I scored some great deals. I might apply to sell on there. Seems like the popular place to sell now and I could set up like 50 things to sell ahead of time. Good way to clean some stuff out & flip stuff ;)

Scott is here this morning, there was so much traffic he told his boss he'd just come in late instead of sitting on the freeway all morning. He took the dogs out and made me coffee, just like old times!

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