Saturday, March 4, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday! I just got home from membership meeting. All the girls are so cute and it is so nice that they want to become members. Hopefully they all get approved.

Rusty's vet visit yesterday wasn't the best. They said he had a ruptured anal gland which I feel horrible about. They did something to it and then brought him out to bring him home and he was dripping blood all over the floor so they took him back. They decided to sedate him and sew it up. The Dr wanted to send some tissue to see if he has cancer but at $500 I declined. He's 13 so it doesn't really matter. If this doesn't heal up then we'll know.

He was groggy when I brought him home (TG Trevor went with me) and kept trying to be by me and would kind of fall with his back legs. He was whining a bit so I gave him one of the pain pills and eventually he calmed down. Look at Snookie looking at me like what did you do to my Rusty.

That's better. He woke up a couple times in the night whining but stopped pretty quickly. 

I took him out when I got home from my meeting and he barked at the neighbors so he feels quite a bit better. His poor behind is all raw looking. I hope it heals up ok.

No other plans for today now. Half tempted to go do something since I have real clothes on and did my make up lol. Probably just switch to my sweat pants in a minute though ;)

I applied for another job last week and I got the email saying the applications are closed now so we'll see if I get through to an interview. That would be exciting. It's a sister agency that does crop/farm insurance and pays more money. ALL remote so no stupid going into the office stuff. We'll see if I hear anything!

Today is my Grandma's birthday. She would have been 91! She's been gone so long now. 23 years so crazy.  


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