Sunday, March 26, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! It's babysitting day so I have to clean soon. My house is a wipeout again. How does it get so bad in one week when I mostly just sit in my sewing room?  Must not be ME making the messes eh?

I don't have any cute pictures from yesterday so here is one Jess sent of the kids playing. So cute!

I went to the post office yesterday morning and mailed off my whatnot packages since I had a box too big for my mail slot box. 

I put the left overs onto the Facebook group and sold a few things. I started going through my animal theme fabrics and was like might as well try the FB group for those and sold a bunch. I think the FB group is the best way to sell since you get the money right away and the only fees is Paypal. Way less fees. So I think I will go back to selling there first and then maybe put what didn't sell on whatnot. Or just forget about whatnot all together lol. It is a good place to buy from though. 

Here's some of the pictures I took while going through them. I have been cutting most of the pieces I have in 1/2 and selling 1/2 of them. I don't need much to just make some cute bags or whatever. A lot of these got collected when I was making mug cozies and wanted all the different prints but I don't think I'm going to make those anymore. 

One more hour of screwing around then I need to clean. I actually slept in this morning which was so nice. Simon is finally feeling more like herself and perked up a bunch. I'll be glad when we can take the cone off. Poor thing!

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