Monday, March 27, 2023


Good morning happy Monday! 

I'm exhausted.
 I just figured out why my back hurts, I forgot I used my Chirp roller yesterday. I haven't used it in awhile and it makes me sore when I haven't apparently.

We survived another babysitting Sunday. Once again, anyone who has babies in their late 40's-50's is insane. I cannot wait until Rosie is bigger and can just talk instead of screaming :) She's so dang cute but she screams/cries a lot. She took two little naps while she was here TG. She was about ready for a 3rd when she got picked up lol. Look at Rusty all cute in the background. All the dogs love when the kids are here.

Oh look now he's squishing us out on the little couch lol.

Look at the dogs this morning. So cute! You'd never know they tried to kill each other over a piece of cheese yesterday. Simon is really food aggressive with people food. I've never had a dog do that before. It is a bit scary. I've started putting her in her kennel with the kids are eating at the table but Daniel likes to graze in the living room so that's a bit difficult. Once she gets her cone off and heals up she can go outside again for awhile when they are eating.

Not sure what I am going to work on today. I should be doing taxes and laundry but I don't wanna. If I get Thursday and Friday off like I asked (still hasn't been approved by my supervisor) I think I will try and get them going on Thursday. I need to get all my money out for my side hustles into a spreadsheet and then I'll be good to go. Let's pray I don't have to pay as much as last year. I'm amazed how a friend of ours makes almost 3x the amount of money and doesn't owe. How does that even work? I probably need an accountant to figure that one out for me.

Nothing to work on for my day job so guess I'll sew. I am bored of pulling fabrics out to sell. I did that all weekend.  I think I will make some mug rugs out of this cute little bear fabric I came across when I was going through them. Bears and daisies, so cute!

Ok I think I should take a shower so I can go down and meet the mail mail later. Still need to get my mail box lock fixed up. 


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Chirp roller?

Taxes yuk. This is our first year of easy peasy taxes. We're done. Being retired makes this easier. (poorer too) Owning our business was a tax nightmare and of course we always paid. not so now. Neither pay or get paid but it's better than oweing right?

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