Monday, March 13, 2023


 Good morning happy Monday!

It was almost a sick day but I logged in. So far my first meeting of the morning only one other person showed up and she didn't say anything so I left.

Now it's another meeting and they haven't said anything I care about lol.

I ended up watching the kids from 12-10 yesterday. I was exhausted when they left. I finished off the bottle of Crown Scott had in the cabinet and went to bed lol. (Don't worry there wasn't much in it). I will be happy when the kids are a little bit older and we can do some crafts or something when they are here. Daniel is almost there. This little one is going to be the helper on making sure everything is clean on the floor lol. She is scooting and rolling all over. I gave her about 1/2 of the pasta meal that I had for Daniel and she ate most of it. She seems to do much better with this kind of food. Less spitting it up later.

Trevor has been playing with Simon and this laser pointer. Apparently it works for small children too.

For dinner last night we had Mexican Lasagna. Wiped out, no left overs. You'd think everyone was starving to death the way it got attacked. 

Here's Tina "helping" me yesterday. Whole house to sleep and has to lay on the ironing mat.

Almost done with the zip bags. The ones on the left are ready to sew together and the ones on the right still need some piecing. That will be my project today. 

I should list a few things on eBay before I get sewing. I sold a few things over the weekend so that is good! It's another way to keep my brain busy!
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