Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday! I have darts tonight so something to get out of the house for.

Yesterday I finished up the last 3 bags I had cut out.

I love this one, it started it's life as a pillow sham. I bought it when I did my Goodwill shop after my Davis training.

Tina helping me sew

When I was done with that I worked on some more listings for my whatnot auction on Friday. I emptied out 2 shoe box tubs of Christmas fabric from the book shelf, ironed, measured, took pictures and put in my notebook. Then I went to start uploading them to the site and a bunch of pictures are missing. DOH! So have to go back and take some pictures that I thought I had taken but I guess not. 

I had these in with my Christmas fabrics, I think I am going to make them Giveaways. The bunny I dated 2000. Back when I did a lot of cross stitch. Now I'd have to use a magnifying glass I think. 

This one was a stamped one I believe. It's pulls into the center a bit but ironed out pretty good.

We had a fancy dinner last night. It was good! I'm not a huge hot dog fan but they hit the spot every so often.

Trevor has a lunch date so I'll get the house to myself for a little bit today. It's raining outside again. I'm so over rain. 


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