Tuesday, March 28, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday! 

Yesterday I made a mug rug set with these cute bears. I got bored with them after 4 so that's all there is lol. Put the rest in a baggie for another time. 

Rusty and I went for a ride to In & Out to pick up lunch. He loved it and his hamburger on the ride home. I should have put a sheet in the car though because now it's got a lot of dog hair. 

If I'm in my sewing room they are on the floor here in some kind of configuration. 

Couldn't decide on what to do last night and was bored so I started cutting out some more cross body bags. I hope they sell at the craft shows. 

The wind is blowing and the rain is coming in today. Weather report 100% rain for today. Boooo. Go away rain. Jessica's power is out for some kind of scheduled maintenance so I imagine they'll be over later. Too bad they got rid of all the play places at McDonald's and such. They were always good for days like today. 

I need to go through my animal fabrics some more, maybe just do a group at a time for my whatnot show I have scheduled for tomorrow. I thought about changing it but I think I will keep it. If I do one a week or so I can keep cleaning stuff out. They have them for handmade things too although I don't know how much people really sell. 

Almost time to go grocery shopping again. I pulled out the last pack of meat and we have 2 more rolls of toilet paper!

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