Sunday, March 12, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! I ended up watching the kids for a big chunk of the day yesterday so Jess said Daniel will watch the kids today since he is off work.

Rosie was rolling all over the floor. She'll be into everything soon lol.

She fell asleep on the floor touching Simon, so cute!

We watched about 500 episodes of Go Dog Go! Which apparently is the new favorite for both of them. 

It was supposed to rain all day yesterday but it ended up being so nice. I was almost tempted to turn the AC on since it was warm in the house but the windows and fans worked. Now today it is dark and raining again. 

Tina enjoying the window being open

I made dinner in the crock pot. It was good and the boys ate it all. White Chicken Chili 

I got these sets done last night. Some butterflies

and birds

and then I got these hearts finished off for the I found a quilted heart project. Some day it will stop raining so I can leave them around lol. I still have a bunch in my purse. 

Today's plan is to list 5 patterns on eBay this morning and then work on my zip bags some more. I'm doing the ones that needed piecing so they take a bit longer. 
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