Thursday, March 23, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday! 

Today is my mother in laws 93rd birthday. Scott said she doesn't know it's her birthday even though he told her. I said then it will be a surprise when we bring her some cake lol. We'll go over tonight for a bit. 

Yesterday after work I went down to the levee watch center aka the musty board room down at the clubhouse. It took forever for the person I was relieving to leave and then I did literally nothing but sit at table and play with my buttons until 6 when my relief person came in. I won't be signing up for that anymore since it is DUMB lol. The idea is you keep the snacks and coffee going but these old ladies with nothing to keep them busy already did it all. Why they would need someone to be there the whole time is beyond me. 

Since the shift was only 2 hours instead of 4 I made the soup I had planned. Trevor fried some corn tortilla chips to go with it and that was actually the best part of the meal lol.

Other than that I worked on cleaning up my sewing room a bit and putting away all my fabric I had all over. Then I worked on my huge bin of scraps I had from doing the cross body bags and the last of the zip bags. They are cut all pretty now. Now to play with them or put them away...

I am all ready for my Whatnot sale tomorrow. I think I will schedule another one for the next week, maybe. Thinking of doing some animal print fabrics and then whatever doesn't sell this week we'll add to it.  I'm all about the themes, you know?  Maybe I'll do one for Wednesday. That will give me something to do for a few days.

Next week I have darts on Thursday and Saturday is a craft show! I'm scared to look at the weather! Okay I peeked and it says a little cloudy and a high of 63 and no rain! I hope it stays with the no rain.

Tomorrow Simon is getting spayed in the morning. I hope it all goes ok! I'm having to change over the dogs food because it appears they no longer make the one I used to buy them. Luckily I realized that before I was completely out. Their bellies are not totally happy with them being mixed. Hopefully eventually they will be ok with a new one.

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