Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Good morning! Happy Wednesday! 

Today is my Friday since I took the next 2 days off. No plans but not having to log into work and keep the stupid thing on all day why I wait for an email or message sounds good. Thinking about maybe going thrifting but not sure. I have darts tomorrow night so I can't do anything too far away.

Yesterday I worked on cleaning out my animal fabrics some more. I still have a ton to go through. I put them on the FB group and sold some and the rest I put in my auction for Whatnot tonight.  I made some lots with the smaller pieces, which most are.  We'll see how it goes! Anything left will go back on the FB group in a new post.

I went through my bias tapes and put these in the store on Whatnot. I will put anything that doesn't sell on the FB group later. I'm just going to go around my sewing room and keep getting rid of stuff I don't use lol. 

I worked on some more buttons last night and am working on them again this morning. I sold most of the ones I had sewn on the little cards. It is relaxing to do while watching something. Until my hand starts to hurt then I have to stop lol.


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