Thursday, March 16, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday! Today I have a potluck awards ceremony for darts! I have no food in my house so I'm going to have to run and get something after "work". Work, what a joke. But you've all heard that complaint already.

Yesterday I got a good size stack of cross body bags cut out and then got to sewing! Here is the first one. This fabric is so freaky lol. I got it in a "scrap lot" on eBay. That lot was a score for $5. I still have some smaller pieces of this but I don't think any have the woman on them.

side b

Pocket! These bags are working great to use up some of my larger pieces of fabric in my hoard too. I've been able to move some stuff around so it isn't so squished on some of my shelves.

Next up this funky flower print! I found this remnant still rolled up in a bag from the thrift store in my messy sewing room corner. Whoops. But look what I made with a .50 piece of fabric. I'm pretty sure the lining was also a thrift store purchase.

side b

pocket inside

I made this pork chop recipe last night. I probably won't make it again since I don't like frying stuff. You were supposed to beat the meat (haha) to thin it but someone used my meat mallet outside to hit rocks years ago and I never replaced it. I tried to use my rolling pin but that didn't work either. I ended up just cutting my pork chops in half. Still need to buy some veggies but found some frozen corn in the freezer lol.

I have to get dressed and go buy some tickets for the club St Patty's day dinner on Saturday. The office is only open for a bit this morning. Ack. Couldn't decide if I wanted to go or not but Scott says he'll go so I'll go get tickets. 

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