Monday, October 18, 2021


Hello Happy Monday!
Today is Scott's 51st birthday. We celebrated last night since Melissa has to work tonight. Our family is getting too big to go out to eat so we had dinner at home. I made lasagna, meatballs and cake!

I bought 2 Caesar salad kits and one was missing the "kit" part, just lettuce. What a rip off! 

Here is everyone minus me and (big) Daniel who came for cake but I forgot to get a picture of him.

The baby enjoyed his dinner haha. So cute sitting at the table with everyone. After dinner he took about 5 steps! He'll be walking soon for sure.

Helping Grandpa blow out his candles

Tubz was cracking me up in the box, they'd pass around the box to pet her. She's such a guy's cat.

I got all the dishes washed before bed, go me! So now my house is pretty clean and the front yard is cleaned up a lot. Feels like a new place ;)

Logged into work this morning and had 122 emails, not bad for a week off. The funny part is my boss took care of all the payments so I don't really even have anything to work on today. I am going to go into the office tomorrow and do more folder/letter work. I have a ton of work to do IN the office. Apparently our brand new printer/scanner/copier is already not working too. Yeah! 

No fancy dinner plans for tonight since we did that yesterday. Just going to cook up some shrimp I bought awhile back and do a skillet meal thing I've made before.

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