Friday, October 29, 2021


 Good morning happy FriYeah!

Yesterday I went into the office and was so busy working on my letters & files that by the time I was ready to eat it was lunch time so I just had my salad I brought. I got a few of these so I wouldn't have an excuse to go out to eat while I was at the office. Next time I need to bring a 2nd item because it didn't do much. 

I was the last one in the office again and I still have a ton of letters to get done. Still waiting on someone to sign a bunch of them.  I take my own stuff to drop off at the post office on the way home since I don't trust anyone else to get them mailed.

This is what I see when I get home (along with dried mud chunks all over the floor). I swear no one knows how to finish anything off at my house. It's no wonder I'm crazy. Scott must have heard me mumble about the mud since he got the broom out and cleaned it up. 5 points for that!

When I got home I was starving (talked myself out of going to the drive thru). Cut up a chicken and put it in the oven, ate a bowl of cereal and some carrots and an hour later dinner!

I got zero sewing done last night since it was almost nine by the time we were done with dinner and my back was hurting. Maybe I'll get them done today! Oh wait we have darts so probably not unless I do it when we get home. Scott is "working from home" again on that piece of shit car that's been in our yard for like 10 years. If it leaves my yard in the next year you can knock me over with a feather. Although he came home with a big box of parts so maybe it will actually happen.

Scale made it to the onederland this morning. It briefly got done there last week but then went back up. Hoping I can keep it going down again. This whole being a fat person sucks and I need pants that fit. Now that we go more places I need more than one pair of jeans. Last year was nice since I could just wear my sweats all the time ;) I just hate trying on pants since I'm so oddly shaped. I can't just go in and buy them without trying them on. Most jeans are made for girls with junk in the trunk and my trunk is empty but the gas station is full.

Ok off to figure out what I'm working on from home today!

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Anonymous said...

This post was absolutely hysterical. I hate it when pants start getting too tight. Molly

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