Friday, October 8, 2021


Today is my little buddy's 1st birthday! Hard to believe that was only a year ago, seems like so long ago. Side note I definitely look like my dad on the top half of my face lol. Weird how you see things when you look at pictures. His party will be tomorrow at 2. I have to make a macaroni salad haha. Gotta make sure and get all the stuff for that when I go to town today.

It's amazing how much babies grow in a year!

I went to work yesterday and I could not find my stapler but this sad thing was on my desk. I was like someone stole my really nice stapler and left this in it's place. What nerve! Then I was using it all day and I was like well this thing actually works really well. When I was cleaning up to go home I actually found my stapler under all the files I had put on my desk lol. So no idea where the sad one came from but now I have two good staplers haha.

Side note when I was looking for my missing stapler I found a government credit card an employee left in a drawer. She doesn't even work in our office anymore. My boss had me put it in the locked cabinet. 

I got 10 packets done yesterday for the new contracts. I have about 15 more to do. I did the older ones first though so we won't be THAT far behind. It was nice seeing other coworkers and talking a bit. The boss in the other department is pregnant. She has worked in the office longer than me so she's been there the whole 15 years I've worked in the office. 

Today's plan is to go to the doctor to talk about my blood work results (cholesterol and 
A1C were a little high but not SUPER bad and the liver one was bad so probably dying).  Also want them to look at these little spots on my face to make sure I don't have skin cancer. Figure I'll ask them about getting a mammogram and pap smear while I'm there since I'm over due for those too.

I asked my boss about taking next week off for a spontaneous vacation and she approved it but of course on the way home Trevor said someone finally texted him from work so we'll see if he's going to get hours next week or not. My luck we'd be in Wyoming and he'd need to be to work the next day. So debating on not taking vacation or just taking it and doing some other stuff if they do schedule him.

Today we get off two hours early for the "holiday" on Monday. So I won't be working much today! I took off from 10-1 for the doctor.

Well off to read a few things and then get ready, have a great day!

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