Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Good morning happy Hump Day! I woke up with a head ache, hoping it goes away after coffee. Trying not to take too much ibuprofen lately. Also some day I'll be able to spell that without looking it up. Maybe.

Yesterday Jess went to see her Grandma Ann and sent me this picture. So cute!

I made myself a smoothie and it was like an enema (too much info I know). Holy cow. So weird since I make them all the time. Maybe it was the blueberries I used this time.

I got that couch full of laundry put away yesterday. Then the baby came over so we vacuumed haha. I really should vacuum every day with all these wild animals. He is coming over after work today too.  He wasn't here long yesterday and he was rather grumpy. I think he is getting more teeth.

For dinner we had grilled cheese and chicken and rice soup! I got side tracked and never texted Scott to get stuff from the store so I'll have to do Instacart (on the last can of cat food) for a few things.

This dog wants to go out already. He pooped three times yesterday before noon. WTF dog. OK that is done. 

Now that I've been up for a little bit I think it's my neck and shoulder making my head hurt. Maybe some biofreeze will help. I'm pretty sure I'm crooked or something. Should probably look into seeing a chiropractor.

My Uncle's girlfriend talked me into hemming her Halloween dress for her. Bleh. She was nice to me when we all had Covid though so I guess I can be nice back ;)

I didn't do any sewing last night, just went and laid in bed at 7:30 because it's all dark and depressing. I need to stop doing that. We'll see how long the little guy is here today. 

Goal for today is to change my sheets on my bed and finish putting away the laundry basket of my clothes in my room. If I write it here I might actually do it haha.

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