Friday, June 7, 2024


Good morning happy Friday! First day of the week I don't have an evening plans. I told Scott I was a social butterfly this week.

Anyone want to put Rosie's birthday present together for me? Hoping Scott will do it for me. If not I'll have to work on it next week lol. Trevor declined when I told him I had something for him to do if he was bored. Tubz has decided it's a good napping spot though. 

Look we're supposed to be under 100 today. Woohoo. After today we get some 80's days. 

I sewed up all the 3.5" squares I had ready into 4 patches yesterday. 

I went through my fabrics and I found some that are very close for the cream fabric corners. Yeah! That will be my first project today, cutting out 6.5" squares from the cream. 

Work yesterday consisted of stupid questions. I sent this to my friend who works in the same agency.

So that was a fun day. So far no emails of work to do today. Just lots of agency emails. 

Last night I went to darts. I didn't do that great but my team pulled it out winning 4 out of the 7 games. Woohoo good start. Our guy who plays the best is going to be gone next week so he's going to try and get a good dart player for our sub lol.

 Scott came down and hung out for about 1/2 and the game and then we went to Applebees for a late Anniversary dinner snack. He's still cute even if he drives me nuts half the time lol.

I told him we have to take a picture for my friend Dee so she can be disappointed in us for picking Applebees. She is always like you should go somewhere nice lol.

Well that's all the excitement from yesterday. My face is sunburnt from swimming still along my hair line and my cheeks. Hopefully I just look a bit tan soon haha

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