Tuesday, June 18, 2024


Good morning happy Tuesday! 
Tomorrow is a day off for Juneteenth woohoo. We are having a swim day at my friends house.

I got 10 blocks done with borders yesterday. Going to take me awhile but I like them. I think this will use up all my scrap rolls of the colors I'm using and might have to make some more. I have some scraps from making the pinwheels still that I can use too.

Cut up a chicken last night, it turned out pretty good. Just some tomato sauce, tiny bit of breadcrumbs and lots of spices. 

Simon and I finally went for a walk again. I still have 17 more miles to do for my 30 mile June walking so I need to get busy lol. There have been a lot of grass fires around us so the sky is all funky.

Smoky clouds I think? Windy too. 

In the office today listening to a stupid meeting. They spent over 5 minute telling people to breathe to avoid burn out and explaining how to do it. Really? Stop wasting people's time. 

Ok off to do letters. Blah. Keep hoping they'll let us off 2 hours early today like they usually do for holidays. We'll see if it happens. 


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