Friday, June 11, 2021

Hanging out with friends

 Good morning, happy Friday!

I started my morning by calling a collections company that keeps calling my work number. I'm like you're calling a business with like 30 people, any idea who you really want? The guy was super rude. Sheesh just trying to help you out since it's not MY debt. He told me the name of the person and they have never worked there so I have no idea why they had our number. I've been in that office for 15 years. Unless it was like an intern that only worked there for a little bit and didn't stick in my brain.

Anyhow! I finished the last of my these bird panel tote bags yesterday

After work Trevor and I went over to my friend Carolyn's again to hang out, have dinner and the kids swam. We had a bit of a cooler week so us old ladies didn't swim.

Carolyn and her puppy Daisy, she is such a cute little dog.

Dee and Daniel, he wanted to go back in the water, he is such a water baby.

All the kids in the hot tub and Daisy checking out Daniel.

We stayed until after 9:30 and Trevor drove us home. I was so tired and fell asleep quick but of course woke up some time in the early morning for awhile and then laid there dozing off and on.

Nothing exciting going on for work today. I'm going to meet my friend for lunch in Ceres. She is here visiting from Texas!

That is all my weekend plans haha. Should be a relaxing weekend (hopefully).

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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Aah that pool looked great!! Have a great weekend. Wanna pack?

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