Monday, May 31, 2021

All Done!

Graduation on Saturday went nice and easy. Trevor had to be there by 11:15 so we were there in plenty of time.

Hung out in the car for a few minutes since it was a bit warm. They split the senior class into 3 and had 3 ceremonies to keep it socially distanced. So it was pretty quick!

All done woohoo

I look like an oompa loompa. Going to have to dust off my Lose It app so I'll stop hating myself in pictures.

Inside the "A" building as the kids call it. Saying goodbye to the bull dog ;)

All my kids and Scott (and my parents) all went to Tracy High School.  We only got 4 tickets so it was just our kids and us at the ceremony. I feel bad for larger families, like who do you decide not to invite?

The kids wanted to go to Scott's mom's so she could see him in his gown. She was dressed all pretty and moving around pretty good. She was so happy he came over

Originally we were going to to go out to dinner but Trevor finally decided on Chinese food so we just got it to go and ate it at home.

Look at this cutie pie on my rocking horse. 

Eating dinner with everyone else

My Mom and Dad finally came over! I felt bad for not inviting my brothers but it was pretty last minute and that would have been A LOT of people in my little house. Not quite ready for that many people here yet. Maybe if it was outside but we weren't set up for that.

My friend Cassi. 

A nice picture of Liss & Eric

The baby was cracking up with his dad playing with him and this balloon. I'll have to try and load the video but it hardly ever works on here.

Chilling with grandpa and the cat fishing pole haha

Scott wanted to do a fire and s'mores with the kids so we did. He even cleaned up the chairs for us.

Yesterday I mostly just vegged all day and then worked on putting more of my handmade stuff on Etsy. Still need to go through the keychains and mug cozies but I'm kind of tired of working on those for now.

Need to put in an Instacart order and do some laundry. It's supposed to be like 106 today so I don't really want to do anything haha. They have been having the Memorial Campground Jamboree down at the campgrounds all weekend but I haven't went down there. Maybe next year when we don't have a big event in the middle of it. 

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