Thursday, May 27, 2021

Almost Totes Free

Happy 2nd to last day of school! Which is really a no school day since he isn't going in and doesn't have the school lap top anymore.

Yesterday I got off work early and we went to the Modesto JcPenny's to find him a shirt. He found one he liked and a tie so now he is all set! 

When I wasn't doing that I was working on rolling my thinner fabrics onto smaller boards. I am so excited I got 3 more totes emptied!! I am now just down to these 5 and one big and one little in the closet. Three of these are mostly paper stuff (to resell or do projects with) and scrapbooking stuff. One box has some baby blankets and some unfinished quilt tops in it. I am going to put the baby blankets in my room I think and then find a place for the quilt tops. The rest of the boxes are vintage sheets I got for resale and crafting and doilies/embroidered pieces for sewing also. 

The book cases are FULL. Going to do some more destash selling. I think I am going to start with some coffee fabrics I have which are actually in my filing cabinet. Going to keep a fat quarter of each one (1/2 of a 1/2 yard) and sell the rest. I only really use those for mug cozies and maybe some scraps for some zip bags. 

Pretty much have all the like colors together on my smaller boards. Eventually I'll downsize all those too.

This looks messier in the picture than in person lol

And then I decided to work on some more of the strip blocks I had started with the leftover pink and black scraps. I have these 7 done now. I have enough for maybe 5 more. I just love this color combination!

So my plan today is the coffee fabrics I think. I figure that's a small enough project not to be totally overwhelming. If I pick a theme every day or so I'll have everything downsized in no time ;)

Looks like this will be our last few days of cooler weather before the hot weather gets here. Boo I hate it when it is over 100. I'm glad I didn't sign up for anymore outdoor events!

Ok off to do something productive. Have a great day!


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