Monday, May 3, 2021

Weekend Fun


Saturday we watched the baby with Melissa while Jessica and Daniel went away for the night. First time leaving him!

We pretty much passed him around all day taking turns with him.

Melissa took him to his house for the night and brought him back to Scott in the morning because she was exhausted haha.

I was at my craft show. Of course it was super windy. I started off my day by spilling my coffee all over my sweatshirt I brought. I was more sad that I didn't have any coffee left. (That reminds me I need to go wash that). 

The super windy set up. Everything tied down.

I didn't sell much and I was by myself so it was kind of "not fun" haha.

I kept waiting for someone's tent to fly away but amazingly it didn't happen.

I had homemade tamales for lunch, they were yummy.

The gal across from me was selling masks for $1. She wore one hanging from her neck all day but never put it on. Thought that was interesting. I wore mine for most of the day except. Some people had them on and some didn't. Her booth was pretty busy but she never sold out.

All I wanted after the show was some ice cream. I went to McDonald's and of course they didn't have any lol. Ok Diet Coke it is.  My next show is at a fancier place on Saturday. The weather report says wind but I hope it will blow over by then. Also I think it might be a bit more sheltered from the wind so lets hope!

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