Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Same Stuff Different Day

Good morning!

I'm all caught up on work emails already. I told my boss if this payment gets kicked out for the 3rd time I'm quitting. She said if I quit she quits too lol

I finished up 1/2 of the keychains I was working on late last night. The best thing about these is if they don't sell I can just cut off the fabric and reuse the hardware. They are super inexpensive to make since they are mostly just scrap fabric so no biggy! I ordered more of the clips again last night since I thought I was going to be short to finish my pile, but I ended up tossing a couple that I didn't like so might have enough to finish the "yellows" I pulled out.

I got some little clips too to try and make some mask holders. Kind of like the old lady glasses things but for your masks. My friend had one and I was like what a great idea! Then I saw someone at a craft show that had one with beads and it was beautiful. So not sure what direction that's going to go in but my wheels are turning.

While I was working on those I watched this Son of Sam documentary on Netflix. This is mostly before my time of paying attention to the news so it was interesting. I had to finish watching it before I could go to bed lol.

Tonight I'm going to the movies with my friend Cassi, I can't even remember what we are seeing I'm just excited to do something out of the house. Hopefully they still have popcorn or I might fall asleep.

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