Monday, May 24, 2021

Club Car Show Booth

Hello! Happy Monday! Scott is working from home today. I was kind of sad since it was my alone day when Trevor goes to school but he's mostly outside so I guess it's ok haha. This is the last week of school so my alone days are almost gone until he gets a job. Which hopefully will happen sooner than later! 

Saturday was our "in house" car show in the club with just members and their families. I think they ended up with about 10 cars. I never even checked them out because I was mostly busy in my booth.

I think we had about 6 "booths". The kids LOVED my booth since my stuff is only $5. They bought tons of keychains and the little bags. So funny.

I really liked my layout this time, took me a little bit to remember how I did the zig zag tables. it makes a good flow if you have 2 open sides.

Jess, Daniel and little Daniel all came to hang out all day! Look at our make shift playpen haha. 

We tried putting him on a blanket on the grass but he'd just pull the blanket so he could grab the grass. We are all sensitive to grass so didn't really want him getting that all over him.

Yes he wore several outfits, he's such a little drooler.

Baby and his mommy :)

little family

Me and the babes. Obviously he's the start of the show haha.

I did REALLY good at the car show. I forgot how much my neighbors support me :) Nice end of the spring show season. Now to do an inventory of everything to update my Etsy shop. I want to work on putting more stuff in my shop too. Although I hate doing the pictures and all that.

This was me after the car show. So wiped out. My comfort dogs ;)

Sunday I finished up the top of my whacky pink & black quilt top. Now to put some batting with it and quilt it. I set it aside for a little bit since that takes some concentration I wasn't wanting to do yet. Plus I need to see if I have enough batting and backing material.

I played with the scraps that were left for the rest of the day/night. Going to make some zip bags and then working on some strip blocks. I think strip blocks are my favorite thing lately they are so pretty.

And here is Tina yesterday morning all snuggled up with the curtain. She's so cute haha.

My neighbor is using a jack hammer this morning. They started at 8am. It is so loud. I was trying to do a couple payments for work but the website is currently down.

I sold so many patterns over the last few days. Down to one row in my cabinet and then a stack of the craft ones. I think I am going to list what is left for a buck each and see what happens. Some day when I go back to work I might source them again but the ones I have now I've had for over a year so it's time for them to go! It is weird not having sales from that Etsy shop though!

Ok off to read some blogs and figure out what to do while I wait for the work website to work again. I can't even go into the office to do letters since the copier is dead. I might have to just print things a few times if they don't fix it soon. Hope you all have a great day!


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You first line cracked me up. I get excited when Rick's not around for a while. Then he ends up here and I get deflated. I mean I work and live with him, c'mon!
I think your playpen was ingenious. Glad you did so well!

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