Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Movies & Such

 Good morning Happy Hump Day!

Man I'm so tired today. I think I have a bit of allergies today. Should probably go take some Zyrtec. Also I have my window open and I think my  neighbor is burning stuff again. Just got up and closed the window. Nothing like a campfire smell in your office lol.

Tina yesterday, she cracks me up

Last night my friend and I went to the movies! It was so nice to go to the movies again. We used to go every Tuesday for quite awhile. We saw the movie Here Today with Billy Crystal and Tiffany Haddish. I thought it was pretty good. Did some laughing and tearing up. Reminds me of my neighbor, the artist gal that I used to go to book club at her house. She has dementia and has had to have family and friends help her out now. Sad to watch someone's mind going and they know that it is happening (at least at first).

There was only 2 other groups of people in the movie theater. We did have popcorn too! Hopefully the theaters can make it through and not go out of business. It is funny to me the things that are different for Covid. They took out the buy your own ticket kiosk things inside, but you can still get your own soda, touch all the lids for your soda and push the button to add your own butter on your popcorn. 

On a similar note yesterday for work we had our monthly conference call with the big wig. I have come to loath these calls. They spend at least half of the time talking about Covid (like we don't know to wash our hands at this point, and yes they said that). They now want us to report back if we go out of the state and if you aren't vaccinated to quarantine and get a test. Now, have you seen the size of California? I can go to Nevada faster that I can go to Los Angeles. When I went to Nevada it was no different than being here. I was complaining to my boss about how stupid these things are. She thinks they just do them so that they aren't held liable if anything happens. I was telling her how it is dumb since our kids can easily go to school and then bring it home (along with the grocery store or where ever, why do they think CA is exempt?). I shit you not like two hours later she said one of her sons is quarantined from school because he was exposed there. 

I got a few keychains finished yesterday. I decided to put what is left of the Belle ones back in my to do box. I don't think I need 20 Belle keychains lol. I can come back and finish them later if I sell what I have. Just need to finish up the pinned ones there then onto something else!

Guess I should actually do some work today. Need to go refill my coffee cup! I almost fill awake now.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I would so like to see that movie. I love both of them. I have seen a few clips and I just think this is something I'd really like. It's not comic book characters or violent. Just a human story. I'm glad you liked it. I haven't been to a theater in years!! The last time we went they spent 20 minutes explaining exits so if guns go off we know what to do. They said to duck (you know on that sticky floor which is better than being killed I guess) or where the exits were all at. We have not gone to the movies since. (it was right after another shooting at a theater)
So if it's not on Netflix, prime etc I don't see it. I saw Billy say they refused it going to streaming they wanted this to be a full theater experience.

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