Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Never Ending Organizing

Good morning! I thought it was Wednesday for about 1/2 an hour but it is only Tuesday. Scott went in to work today. Trevor is currently listening to something with text to speech so that's fun.

Yesterday I sold ALL the patterns I had left! Well all but the 2 people that haven't paid yet. Hopefully they will pay today. It is so weird not having patterns on Etsy now. I had about 800 on Etsy before Covid hit. I sold A LOT of patterns in the beginning of the lock down. Some day when I go back to work I'll probably sell them again. I used to go to the thrift stores and hunt for them on my lunch break and after work destressing. Oh and the Friday flea market sometimes too.

So I filled the empty drawer with fabric! Moved some I had on the book shelf to the drawer so that made more room on the bookshelf.

I am going to re-roll these Holiday fabrics on the smaller boards today and put them on the book case. That emptied out another plastic tote box woohoo
Down to 7 boxes in here. One is full of fabric, 3 are a mix with some vintage sheets and the rest are paper stuff. Some day when I get my fabric all organized I'll work on the paper stuff again. I collected quite a bit to put in an Etsy store. Plus I have my scrapbook stuff too. Yesterday we were looking for some stuff in my room (old video camera and negatives Jess wanted to play with and I was reminded that I still have the closet organizer top in my closet full of scrapbook type stuff. I need to bring that into the sewing/craft room eventually. Once I do that I'll have that room in my closet again. Probably put my sheets and stuff in there.

Jess brought Daniel's sister over yesterday so I could fix up the bodice of her graduation dress for her. Got it all tightened up.  That was about all my excitement around here yesterday other than the neighbor having someone jack hammer ALL DAY yesterday. I had no idea they had that much concrete to jack hammer.

So far no real "work" to do today.  Definitely the "slow" time for me. I'm only working about 1/2 a day anyways. Need to go look at what time I had put that I was taking off. I'm going to try another new eye doctor today. Hopefully this place isn't whack like the last one I went to. I need to get me some old lady glasses so I don't have to keep taking them off and on all the time. I spend more time with them off now at home since I can't read or sew with them on anymore.

Okie dokie have a great day everyone!


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