Thursday, May 13, 2021

Netflix & Sewing

Good morning! Still trying to fully wake up here. I'm almost there lol.
Already went through work emails so now I'm just waiting for something new to show up.

I watched a few shows yesterday.  The Clovehitch Killer, very good! Had me sitting on the edge of my seat towards the end.

The Bleeding Edge is a documentary about the medical devices. Wow! Crazy stuff. Very well put together and good stuff to know.

I finished up these keychains

and then decided to go through my cabinet and make some character stuff up. I started with Batman, these were all the smaller pieces I had. Finished those late last night while watching another documentary. Still watching that one though.

I was looking forward to being home by myself this morning but Trevor stayed home today. No alone time for you! Or me that is.

My sister in law messaged me about getting more masks this morning so that will probably be my next project. Hope you all have a great day!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

just trying to find gas.
nothing fun.
You give me the best reviews. Now I will watch this documentary on medical devices. Rick loves Mare Eastman and I am finding it too slow-moving for me. I always get bored during it and either fall asleep or end up on my phone.
I would also like the doc, Queen of Meth. Did you know that is Tom Arnold's sister? But this one is on Discovery Plus. I have that next in queue. Have a wonderful day!!

Julie H said...

I haven't heard of those 2 I'll have to see. Oh I don't have Discovery Plus though. I filled up on gas yesterday just in case it trickles over here. It is over $4 a gallon now.

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