Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Fabric at the Antique Store

Good morning, happy Tuesday! Yesterday I did a bunch of laundry and even put it away, go me! Also worked on keeping the kitchen cleaned up and the sink empty, although I have a couple things to wash this morning. I made a roast in the crock pot so dinner was easy. I think I will throw the chicken I have in there for tonight's dinner. I'm pretty much sick of chicken but that's about all I've got. Scott usually goes shopping for his mom on Tuesdays after work so I'll have him pick up some more meat. I really need to go to the store and do one of the slow walks down all the aisles to just stock up the whole kitchen. One of these days haha.

I almost forgot about the few things I bought on my trip. We stopped at my favorite antique store in Jackson on our way to Reno. I got these two fat quarters of funny cats and mice. There is a tiny bit of salvage showing that says they are Moda Fabrics.  They says "Sneaky mice and a lazy cat are all that's needed to keep them fat." Kind of funny. I just like the cute pictures mostly.

Also got another Campbell's kids mug. My grandma collected Campbell's kids stuff and I got a few of her mugs when she passed away. We like them so much and use them for coffee too. A few have got broken over time so I just pick them up whenever I find them reasonably priced. 

After work I was so lazy and just laid on the couch looking at Tik Tok's. I may be obsessed. So much fun stuff out there. Girl living in her van, a funny girl who has stories about working in a fabric store, someone with a crazy neighbor, etc etc. 

Around 8 I finally went into my sewing room and worked on my mug rugs and zip bags a bit. Today I should get these finished up, just need to trim and sew the backs on the mug rugs and sew the zip bags together.

I was supposed to have a booth at the outlets this Saturday but they cancelled it due to forecasted wind. Great! I'd rather stay home then be out in the wind. So the next one is for the same place on the 16th. Sad part is now I'll have to unload my car. Well if I need to use the back of it before then anyways haha.

Ok off to do the two things I have for work so far. We were supposed to have a soft deadline this week and we so aren't going to make it. This is the most behind I have ever seen our office. Hope you all have a great day!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

This time of year I love everything on the grill or in the crockpot. We have a pork shoulder in the crock pot right now. (butts work too) then we can shred it and make pulled BBQ pork sandwiches and the next day tacos and who knows what else. Can you tell we are lazy? If I can cook it in there for a couple of meals it's a winner.

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