Monday, May 3, 2021

Jessica's Birthday Party

 Good morning! I'm exhausted from my weekend! I think I'll do a couple posts since I have so many pictures of things.

Thursday was Jessica's birthday so we went over to her house for a BBQ and cake and ice cream. Earlier in the day my mom came over and brought us breakfast. I had a big sink full of dishes that she offered to wash for me lmao. No MOM! I can wash my own dishes. I washed everything later and put it away and sent her a picture lol. Clean sink lasts longer in a picture that's for sure! 

Over and Jessica's, the baby was so cute touching Scott's face.

Playing with Daniel's sister. He loves his aunties.

With Auntie Melissa (that's Daniel's mom on the right, she was there visiting)

Actually ordered a cake for the first time in forever. Usually I make the cakes but she wanted the one with strawberries from Safeway. They have the best cake! The one they just sell off the shelf has almonds and she is allergic to them so she got fancy ;)

Goof balls

Melissa & Eric

She said she wanted her name for her piece, well just the first 4 letters (what she likes to be called)

Dinner was great (hamburgers and hot dogs) and nice to have a party at someone else's house haha. Now we are done with birthdays until October (for our immediate family). Woohooo
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