Wednesday, November 24, 2021


Good morning happy Turkey Eve!

Yesterday my friend Traci brought over this cat post scratcher that she was getting rid of. We traded for a coin purse I made. I think I got the better deal lol. Her cat didn't use it at all. Mine are like pole dancers on it haha.

Went to Costco and Winco yesterday. Got all my stuff! Stores were packed and gave me anxiety but I got it done. Well mostly Costco gave me anxiety. 

I got some of these flat bread pizzas for dinner. It was really good! Hoping there is still one left in the fridge for lunch lol.

I was a total sloth when I got home and just laid on my bed for the rest of the night. Today I need to clean! We are eating dinner at like 5:30 tomorrow so I'll have plenty of time to cook everything then. I'm not making any pies so nothing else really needs to go into the oven til the turkey comes out. I guess I could make the sweet potato pie today if I get ambitious. 

The baby is coming over later while his mom and dad are working so he will keep me busy! I should probably start doing some laundry since I have a big pile going.

Just a few work things to do this morning and we get off two hours early so that is nice!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Getting caught up in the reading of my blogs!
You were braver than me to go to Costco this week. My glasses came in and I wouldn't go pick them up because I did not wish to deal with Costco during Thanksgiving week. I'm a loser.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving - get out the stretchy pants like the rest of us! :-)

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